As a local service provider, getting access to a larger market can be quite a task. Traditional methods of promotion like advertisements, billboards and posters even are either too expensive or not as effective in persuading individuals to become customers.

Service Library was created as a solution to such problems. Our newly established advertising platform extends various opportunities to local service providers so that they may be able to attract a larger number of customers to their establishment. The extent of exposure our platform provides surpasses that of a website due to the array of services we provide.

Whether you are a freelance graphic designer, architect, tutor, technician, business advisor, nail technician, plumber, handyman, mechanic or any other service provider under the sun, Service Library makes puts you on the map. Through our platform, users will enter their keyword and location. If you are in the vicinity, your business name, description and contact information will be displayed to them.

This level of convenience is what attracts users to our platform and allows us to help you gain more exposure –especially on a local level. Not only will it promote your business but it will also help you become much more profitable.
Throughout the years, the amount of listings we have gotten from local businesses all around the country have increased dramatically. Make use of our platform by adding yours to the list as well and upgrade your market substantially. Create your own structure, come up with your own content and utilize your own strategies to attract customers to your services – just leave the advertisement up to us.

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